Would you like to become a trainer yourself?  Ask about our SHADOW PROGRAM!

New Kid on the Block

Did you recently add a new family member to your household? Our Pawsitive approach to puppy training will give you the tools you need to develop a strong behavioral foundation for your puppy. This class is for dogs up to 6 months of age. We cover basic behavior, obedience skills, leash skills, stopping problem behavior before it starts, housebreaking, crating and socialization. The cost is $150 for full six weeks of training.  Our training can help your puppy grow as much in terms of behavior during those six weeks as they do in terms of size!

This class is part of the AKC Star Puppy Program and the Canine Good Citizen program, and is also available at Petsense, 7200 Montgomery Blvd. NE Suite #C, Albuquerque  505-888-2059

Service Dog 101

Come learn how to train your dog to become a highly skilled service dog. With over 15 years in the business, we take our knowledge and experience and guide you through the 9 month process of training your dog. We cover Basic obedience, Public access, skills training, law, leash handling, dealing with the public, housing and much more. This program is broken up into three parts and typically takes 9 months to a year to complete. We follow strict assistance dog international standards. Only those with a legitimate disability or their caregiver will be allowed to receive training.   Conditions covered include mobility issues, PTSD, autism, and epilepsy.  Fees range from $1500 to $2500.

3D Extreme Dog Makeover

Dealing with Difficult Dogs. This class will focus on problem behaviors that dogs often develop and how human behavior influences our dog. This program is designed for dogs and owners who are having significant problems with dogs that are showing reactive behaviors, aggressive tendencies and a lack of control on leash and off. This class is limited to 5 participants so we can address the issues completely and safely. You will learn why your dog is acting this way and how you can effectively and safely deal with the behavior before it can escalate. Emphasis will be put on proper equipment, learning to read the danger signals, de-escalating before a problem arises and how to control your own energy in order to help your dog overcome their insecurities. Proper equipment for this class is necessary.   Six week class, $200.

Martial Arts and Your Dog

Martial Arts and your dog is back!!! It was such a success the first time we are offering the 4 week course again. Tuesday nights at 6:30 pm. We will be covering basic punches, kicks, gun attacks, knife attacks and close hand to hand combat and the use of a taser. We will also be going over how to protect yourself and your dog when you are out for a walk. If interested please contact 480-1973. Cost of the course is $150.00. No equipment needed just comfortable street clothes or work out clothes.

STEP Class, Wednesdays at 7:00 PM - $5 Fee

In House Intensive Training (4, 7 and 10 day programs)

Let K9 Rehab Institute transform your dog into a well adjusted, happy furry companion in a short amount of time.  Our programs provide owners with a foundation on which to move forward into more challenging situations and advanced training with your dog. We will work with your dog while they enjoy the boarding amenities at our training center.  Your dog will be surrounded by other friendly dogs and receive intensive attention from our trainers.  We will help your dog learn necessary skills and return home a well balanced family member.  Our four day program helps dogs who need to sharpen already learned skills and concentrate on problem areas such as pulling, jumping, boundaries and obedience.  Our seven and ten day programs are designed for young and adult dogs that need intensive, structured training to work on problematic behaviors such as reactivity, possessiveness, on leash skills, off leash recalls and socialization.  Whatever your dogs needs, we are here to address your desire to develop your dog into a super family member.  We incorporate many different training methods to meet your dogs special needs.  Please contact us for prices, packages and to book your dog's experience.  Learn More...