New Kid on the Block

Did you recently add a new family member to your household? Our Pawsitive approach to puppies will give you the tools you need to develop a strong behavioral foundation for your puppy. This class is for dogs up to 6 months of age. We cover basic behavior , leash skills, stopping problem behavior before it starts, housebreaking, crating and more. The cost is $170 for four weeks of restorative programming. You will be linked to one of our many rehabilitative specialists across the City or in your town. 

Service Dog 101

Come learn how to teach your dog to become one of the Elite in the working dog world.  Our Instructors are highly educated and skilled in the physical, public and legal world of Service Animals.  We do not train your dog, we create a master at task work to help you mitigate your disabilities.  We will connect you with a specialized Instructor that understands how your dog learns and begin reinforcing the abilities to the industries highest standards.  Call us to set up an appt in one of our many locations across New Mexico and across the country.

STEP Seminar  Wednesdays at 7:00 PM - $5 Fee

Sponsored by CHEC Enterprises 

Our weekly educational seminar that educates humans on animal behavior. We cover many subjects of animal issues not limited to just dogs.  Our seminars are pet friendly so you can  hang our with your pet while watching informative videos, documentaries, live Instructors and much more.