The Perfect Blend...

Extended Daycare Packages available for difficult dogs

Day Care Difficult Dog Program (No Dog left Behind)

Training and Rehab

Our new In House Intensive Training Program is an intensive enrichment service that provides a variety of activities including but not limited to: walking, obedience , structured playtime, mental stimulation games, doggie socials, addressing behavioral issues, as well as several one on one training sessions throughout the day with our knowledgeable trainers who have been taught by the best in the world.

We offer 4 day and indefinite day  intensive programs to address your dog's needs. Our all inclusive packages create the perfect combination of play, train and relax, and we explain and demonstrate all your dog has learned so you can build on the work we did when you return home.  Our K9 Guardians will spend time with your dogs in comfortable surroundings so when they resume their training they will be fresh and motivated.  No other daycare or rehab program provides such a service. 

5 Day bootcamp rehab program:  Our 4 Day Intensive Program focuses on leash  walking, social integration and impulse control.  If your dog just has some minor issues such as leash pulling, impulse issues, socially awkward with other dogs etc, then this program is for you.  Call us to set up an eval and we will get started with working out the fight , Flight and avoid issues, duration of stay on place,  Unfixed space duration and social integration.  Cost of this program is 595.00 and is all inclusive.  Includes outings every 24 hours with our K9 Guardian Team of volunteers so your dog gets special one on one team to make their day here at rehab fun and exciting.  It doesn't have to be all work. 

Multi Day ´╗┐Intensive Rehab Program:  Is your dog reactive? Lunging at other dogs, fighting in the home, charging the door when people come over, leash pulling ?  Well this program is for you...  Let us work with your dog to tone down some of these tough issues.  We will integrate your unruly mut into our pack and get them back into the swing of being a dog again.  We will work your dog through leash issues and get them walking besides you without pulling your arm out of the socket.  we also offer e collar work, cranial sacral therapy for traumatized dogs and conditioned relaxation exercises.  We will detox the adrenalin out of your dog and get them learning what is expected of them. To eliminate the pressures of  time and progress we have extended our Intensive program indefinitely for each dog.  Some dogs need 4 days, some 7 and some months.  Our K9 Guardians are dedicated to taking your dog out for structured walks, Puppachinos at Starbucks and yes participating in our weekly pack walks. We want  your dog to succeed so when we do our part we will expect that you do your part when your dog comes home.  A Hardcore program at home may be implemented to make changes stick at home.  For initial consultation call 480-1973 for more info...Cost is 1295.00  Half due on admission and balance due at exit.

 Disclaimer:  K9 Rehab Institute is Not a boarding facility and your dog will be offered the awesome opportunity to hang out with our K9 Guardian team every 24 hours and do structured work at area parks, stores or pet friendly establishments.  Its how we roll everyday. 

Two dogs that used to not get along , learn to deal with eachother while doing treadmill work. 

They all start out in muzzle but soon learn how to socialize appropriately .

Our integrated socials are a powerful tool to change dog behavior.

From severely abused to a second chance due to the awesome professionals at K9 Rehab.