Got a difficult dog?  We have the solution to your dogs behaviors.  Don't just fix em, understand them and why they behave like they do.  We specialize in reading dog.  Your dog is communicating  with you all day.  Now come and learn what they have been telling you all along.

We can help you turn a problem dog into a well behaved family member using proven science and practical knowledge based methods used by trainers across the globe.

Our integrated socials are a powerful tool to help dogs overcome behavior issues.  

We incorporate many modalities because we know there are no two dogs alike therefore we don't limit ourselves to one ideology.  And we don't just train your dog... we train YOU.

Service Dog Training

to the highest industry standards!

Seizure Alert and Response

PTSD -  Autism -  Mobility

We have  trained over 400 teams in our history of training service dogs. We have won huge cases involving discrimination across the country and we stand behind every dog that comes through our program.  No other company can say they stand behind you once your graduate 

Bubble Gum learns the ropes during Public Access Training.

We train both dog and handler. This is Alice and his young handler during classes at K9


     Start your puppy off right with our specialized 4-6 week  training class that teaches your dog manners, social skills and potty  training regime.   Your dog will gain confidence through intensive exposure to a variety of objects, sounds and canine encounters. Proper socialization at an early age is crucial to their development and can help prevent problematic issues in the future. Your pup will learn basic obedience including house training, crate training ,puppy skills including sit, stay and coming when called using proven positive training techniques developed by international renowned trainers.

Puppy 101. Lay an awesome foundation down for your dog to set them up for success

Classes start at 149.00 and include our Wednesday Night STEP Class and our Sunday morning Pack Walk.

We also offer intermediate obedience fundamentals for older dogs, 6 months and up, in which we emphasize loose leash walking, door manners, coming when called and hand targeting. Most classes last for4- 6 weeks. Advanced manners along with our 3 D courses assist dog owners with how to handle their dogs off leash, with increased distractions and prolonged stays amidst other dogs and environmental stimuli.